TurnKey Brewery & Restaurant Consulting Group is a full time brewery and restaurant consulting and installation company.

TurnKey Brewery & Restaurant Consulting is the brain-child of Craig and Jeannie Nicholls, Craig being a highly respected name in the world of beer; forged in the mecca of craft breweries: Portland, Oregon. For more about Craig’s journey, please inquire about our services.

Our team has over 55 combined years of experience.; and helping people with their dream is exactly what we do!  Taking you from “Conception to Reality” is a key part of our company.

Our years of experience has built us an extensive network of resources.  Since many of our clients are starting from scratch we will use our years of experience and networking to help guide you through the process of opening your Brewery, Brewpub or Restaurant.

We have our own in-house design team that will do the initial schematic drawings and equipment placement.  Then we work directly with you and your architect to:

  • Help understand and finish your Brewery, Brewpub or Restaurant floor plan/work flow mapping.

  • Create permit/contractor bid plan set.

  • Equipment placement, down to your salt and pepper shakers

  • PID & Utility Drawings

  • Engineering Specs

We will find the right equipment for your Brewery, Brewpub or Restaurant , help with recipe development, brewer, chef, and general staffing hire as well as help handle permitting and licensing as needed.  We will tailor our consulting to your needs.  We structure our consulting to each of our client’s needs, and have an hourly billing rate for the work that we do (detailed in our contract).  If we have an idea of the scope of work you are interested in starting out with, we can give you an estimate of the time it would take based on our hourly rate.  The time estimate will vary depending on what information you provide, and what part of the work you might choose to do yourself.

At TurnKey we are confident in our ability to get your brewery open, making beer and making money, all at the lowest cost possible.  We are very dedicated to making sure that at the end of the day you open at full capacity and within your budget.  We only have your best interests in mind; we will only recommend to you what you need, and not just what you want.  At the end of the day it’s all about making great beer, great food, and great drinks as well as provide the best and most knowledgeable service and servers!  We will provide you with everything you need to accomplish this and more!

For more information on what TurnKey can do for you, click on the RED Contact Us link below.

The Team

How We Fit Together

We are a group of many hands, many hats and many specialties.  Below is a view of our internal structure, to better serve you; our client.  Have a question about all things beer, food, equipment needs, and marketing?  Craig is your man.  Not sure what equipment to purchase & how to lay it out, where to position the grist case or project management? That’s Richie’s department.  Have concerns about regulations, or equipment sourcing?  That’s for Brant to cover, you get the picture.

Whether you need a full food menu design, or marketing plan and strategy for beer distribution, TurnKey can provide you with every aspect of the project, from start to finish, to make your dream a reality!

TurnKey Org Chart

Craig Nicholls

Craig is Co-Founder with his wife Jeannie, lead consultant and guru of all things beer, restaurant/pub and marketing for TurnKey.  He started his beer laden path upon graduation and an internship at Rogue Ales. Successive brewery jobs include Bridgeport, McMenamins, Alameda Brewing, Golden Valley, Big Horse Brewing & Port Halling. A surfer at heart, Craig has traveled much and developed his palate for beer throughout. Craig’s experience in the brewery and restaurant trenches, scrubbing tanks, cellaring, (you know the fun stuff), bar tending, working in the kitchen to owning his own brewery & pub, has made Craig a walking encyclopedia on all things beer and food. Craig is a proponent of organic and sustainable brewing practices. Being the first to brew organic in Oregon and developing many sustainable practices and standards that have been followed in the industry to this day, starting and still operating the OBF (Organic Brewers Festival @ to opening Roots Organic Brewing Company which embodied those principles.  ……Loves, all peppers, long road trips with the Fam in their vintage trailer, great food nights with the wife, surfing, brewing, golfing, beer, whiskey, beer, warm sunny beaches with beer.


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Jeannie Nicholls

Jeannie Co-Founded, with her husband Craig, TurnKey in the summer of 2010.  Jeannie was the main drive behind the companies inspiration in the beginning as she is today working closely with Craig and the rest of the team to develop the high standards and industry leading team which is TurnKey.  Coming from the fashion world, Jeannie has always had a passion for all things great!  Loving the industry for its great beer and food ever since her and Craig “Hooked Up”……Loves being with her kids, date nights with Craig at awesome restaurants, traveling, hanging at any WARM sunny beach, fashion, great vodka and great beer.

Anders Johansen

Anders began his life as a brewer around 1993 when he joined the Hart Brewing Team during their transition to Pyramid.  Over the years Anders has been involved in many brewery startups including Spencer Butte (aka Hop Valley), Deschutes, Trask, Southern Oregon Brewing (SOB), Bend Brewing, Wildfire (10 Barrel), Sky High Brewing, and Ninkasi just to name a few.

Anders has experience in every aspect of the industry, from the early stages of designing and building systems, to the later stages of brewing and recipe development.  He has helped modify poorly-operated brew houses and converted them for maximum efficiency and production.  While with Ninkasi he helped their crew transition to a busier brew schedule by implementing a 24/7 brewing operation at their 60 bbl brew house.  Many of his recipes are still being poured to this day.  Do you enjoy Deschutes “Mirror, Mirror”, or perhaps SOB’s Pinup Porter?  You can thank Anders for your happy taste buds.

TurnKey is thrilled to have Anders join our team. He is well-known and respected as an innovative brewer and entrepreneur. Some of his other endeavors include:

  • Barley farm to brew house malting experience: Providing consultation on construction and operation of a pilot malting plant in McMinnville, Oregon, producing 1,000 pounds at a time.
  • Member of the Oregon’s Brewers Guild: Working on legislation concerning self-distribution.
  • Oregon Distiller’s Guild: Working on legislation regulations to ease restrictions on small distilleries.

Richie Strom

Richie was literally ferried into the craft beer industry back in the 80’s.  As a young kid he rode alongside his father who was traveling from Portland to Bainbridge Island, via ferries, to pick up and distribute small amounts of kegged beer for Thomas Kemper Brewing Co.  Drifting through college in Eugene, Oregon Richie began experimenting with home brewing.  A few dozen batches later, and a semester’s worth of financial aid blown on brewing equipment, Richie decided to make brewing a career.  Richie became a certified brewer through the American Brewer’s Guild and quickly found himself the Head Brewer at Oregon Fields Brewing Co.  He has also been a part of Pyramid Breweries, Ram Brewing, and most recently twelve years as Head Brewer of Wind River Brewing Co.  He was a founding board member of the Wyoming Craft Brewers Guild and creator and host to the annual Wyoming State Brewers Collaboration Brew.  Richie has won more than 25 medals and awards over the years at the most prestigious events in the country! Richie brings to TurnKey close to 20 years of experience in start-ups and multiple expansions, award winning recipe development, brilliant troubleshooting skills, a can do attitude, and is a master of converting domestic beer drinkers to craft.  Richie and his family reside in Pinedale, Wyoming and really enjoy taking advantage of all things a small mountain town has to offer.  Their free time is packed in with boating, hiking, biking, camping, skinny-ski skiing with the dogs, and snowboarding on powder days.

Brant Kunze

Brant joins us from the side of beer that is the most fun, drinking!

As an owner of a premier Portland beer bar and tap room for over five years, he brings the retail side of beer to the team.

Over the years through the ownership of his craft bar, he has made many contacts within the beer industry including breweries of all sizes and distributors.

Brant knows how to sell beer from tap take-overs, to retail sales, to guerilla marketing.

He understands front-of-house design and sales in this ever changing market.  He will help you get your beer onto the shelves and taps of your local market as well as into the hands of your customers.

Brant will share what he has learned from working with all sides of beer throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Deborah Kunze

Deborah was recruited from her previous profession in the construction industry in order to bring standardized processes and procedures to TurnKey, and to assist the project managers with daily administrative tasking.  With her extensive knowledge of contracts and project controls she helps TurnKey be more responsive to our clients’ needs. Deborah was born in the Midwest, and after earning a paralegal degree, and working for some major law firms in the Phoenix area, she decided that she would love to travel the world.  In the summer of 2000, she packed all of her possessions, and accepted a position with the United States Antarctic Program, and spent six years working and traveling.  While at McMurdo Station, she worked various jobs beginning with shuttle driver, and moved on to assisting PM Mechanics.  On any given day you might find her in shop coveralls hauling drums of glycol, or mucking out the oil/water separator.   When she left Antarctica she left behind many procedures that are still followed and used to this day.   After six years of living out of a pack, Deborah decided she was ready to put down some roots and go back to the “real world”.  She quickly learned how to apply her skills to construction and worked her way up to the position of Contract Administrator for a few construction firms in the Portland area.  During this time she and her husband opened one of the first craft beer bars in Portland, Oregon where she has developed her knowledge of, and her love for, craft beer.  She feels she has reached the ultimate career for her, which marries her legal background and knowledge of the construction industry with her love of craft beer.

Paul Cook

Paul is our newest addition to the TK Team.  Since the beginning Paul has been helping people start breweries.  He began his career in the brewing industry in 1995 working for El Dorado Brewing out of Stockton, California and Big Horn Brewing in both Salem, Oregon and Boise, Idaho.  From there Paul moved on to assisting others to start their own breweries on a consulting basis.

In 2009, Paul began working with Ninkasi Brewing Company where his role was to oversee “product development”, beer of course, and plant expansions.  Paul brings experience in brewing, cellaring, QA/QC, and plant design to the TK Team.  He has worked on systems ranging from 7 to 137 bbls in capacity.  During his free time he enjoys travel, film, music, and hiking in the Redwoods.

Amy Salter

Amy joins the team with a strong restaurant management background.  As a graduate from the Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality Management program, she enjoys the rewards that come from the daily challenges of operating a restaurant!

As a little girl, Amy remembers being drawn to the kitchen where she would watch in awe and curiosity as her family would prepare their meals.  It is those memories that instilled a passion within her to fulfill her lifelong dream to work in the culinary world, and that prompted her to enroll in Le Cordon Blue in Florida.  Using what she learned Amy began putting her skills to good use by catering for various places including small private parties, a movie production, company retreats, and a huge beach resort where she catered for over 1,000 guests on a weekly basis.

Amy was not satisfied with her catering accomplishments, and was pleased when her family relocated to Portland, Oregon where she continued her education at Le Cordon Blue this time earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Business Management.

In addition to Amy’s love for the culinary world, she has also developed a love for craft beer!    Thanks to the help of her husband, who threaten to pour out any “cheap-ass” domestic beer he finds in their refrigerator!  Together they began home brewing for fun, of course, but also to learn more about how to really appreciate beer and how it is made.  They still home brew together and have won several medals as a result.

With Amy’s new appreciation for beer, she began to explore the ever increasing market of breweries, brew pubs, and tap houses.  She is excited to merge her love for both food and beer by exploring the new growing trend of beer and food pairings.  Amy’s philosophy has always been, “It’s not what’s in it for me it’s about what’s in it for you!”

In addition to spending quality time with her family and friends, celebrating with good wine and phenomenal food, Amy enjoys traveling, checking out new food and beer trends, and playing ping pong.