Expertise. Experience. Partnership.

We’ll take you from business plan to brew. 

TurnKey Brewery Consulting can provide the expertise needed to ensure success for a new and on-going brewery operation.  From brewery dimensions, design and overall layout, as well as restaurant and kitchen design, flow and layout.  Using our own in house architectural and design team, we make sure your brewery, restaurant or kitchen fits yours and the industry needs from an efficiency, design, production and quality standpoint.

Napkin Math No More

We offer full business plan and pro forma review.  In this process we will review and help fine tune your business plan and pro forma to ensure that you are headed in the right direction.  We will provide honest and informative information to make sure you are on the path to success.

Hands On During Construction

TurnKey will work with your general contractor during the installation of brewery, restaurant and kitchen equipment, utilities, etc., not through the web, not over the phone, but in person.  We will advise the optimal layout for flow and labor reducing purposes and make recommendations on the proper materials to employ, along with proper workmanship.  We will even help you identify the contractors that best fit your needs; and work alongside them.

Staffing, Operations, and Brewing

Staffing:  We help in the hiring process of your brewer, chef, and retail staff; and ensure that they are properly trained.  We will help ensure proper beer styles for your region as well as recipe formulation, overall brewery maintenance and cleaning, sales, efficiency, safety, etc.

Suppliers:  We will find the right suppliers to fit your brewing needs – with our years of experience we have a long list of quality suppliers to fit your individual needs.  We will review options, value, durability, and customer of suppliers.  We will develop the proper product mixes for large scale production and customize your beer styles to fit any market. Additionally, we will help in the design of your menu to fit your vision of beer and food operations.

Operational:  We can supply any operational SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures), spreadsheet calculations, and tables for recording and maintenance.

Promotional:  We can help with producing sales and marketing plans for beer sales and promotion, in-house sales promotions, advertising techniques, and graphic design.  As well as facility check-up and fine tuning.  When the job is complete we will still be there for you!

TurnKey stands by our experience and attention to detail.  We check on your process optimization, efficiency, and troubleshoot any concerns you may have.  Brewer quit or you had to let them go suddenly?  TurnKey can help in finding you a qualified brewer as well as do emergency brewer fill-ins.  TurnKey Consulting WILL help with temporary or permanent positions.  For more information on TurnKey and what we can do for you, please go to the bottom of the page to the red “CONTACT US” tab and fill out the form.  We will then send you our Inquiry Packet  for you to review.

For a visual understanding of how TurnKey works, check out our:  Client Timeline

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