Big Bend Brewing

Big Bend Brewery in Alpine, Texas.  

TurnKey’s Role:

TurnKey was hired to come in and retrofit the existing brew house and grain handling systems to enable them to boost their production 4 fold.

Big Bend is a 30 bbl production brew house with 5 standard beer styles.  They have been open for about 2 years now and just over doubled the size of the building, adding brand new 60 and 90 bbl fermenters and brite tanks.  With these additional cellar tanks we needed to make sure the brew house could efficiently push out beer fast enough to keep these tanks full.  So we designed a pump skid/flow panel to place under the BH and re-piped all stainless to the kettle and mash-tun.  We also replaced all motors and pump with high quality American made versions.  The control panel was completely replaced and 2 additional sub panels and safety shut-offs were added.  Also, a brand new mill and digital scale system was brought in to give a better grist and accurately monitor 2-row usage out of their silo.

TK worked with Big Bend for about 3 months and made 2- one week trips out to oversee and complete this retrofit.  Over all, Big Bend is very happy with their new systems and will have no issues keeping up with their production demands.