“Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy.

And cooking done with care is an act of love.”

~ Craig Claiborne

From Concept to Reality

WE DON’T JUST DO BREWERIES!!  When TurnKey is involved in designing and installing a brewery, 80% of our clients have food in one capacity or another.  Some are full blown restaurants and some serve simple over-the-counter food.  So whether you’re opening  a pizza joint, a burger joint, or opening an elaborate high end restaurant, we can do it all.

An essential part of any restaurant operation is the kitchen; whether you’re firing up the pizza oven or mixing cocktails – TurnKey Restaurant Consulting can help you realize your dream.  Designing a kitchen and bar operation starts with a comprehensive understanding of concept, flow, staff, staff management, and recipe creation.  Our qualified TurnKey team members will help you create a vision for amazing and unique foods and cocktails.  Our passion for food is as deep as our passion for beer.

With nearly forty years in the industry, we can guide you through all aspects of your kitchen, restaurant and bar design, as well as help you answer all of the difficult questions that will come up.  For instance, where to place all of the equipment and why; how to optimize a path of consumables, how to optimize your walk-in cooler & placement of it (very important), what staffing do I need, what is my food costing, and how do I to ensure that my food compliments my brew-house product, and much more.  We will guide you through every facet of development, installation, preparation and execution.

TurnKey Restaurant Consulting Services:

  • Feasibility and Cost Study

  • Operational Costs

  • Venue Analysis

  • Business Operations Planning

  • Business Plan Review

  • Strategic Development

  • Market Research

  • Recipe Development

  • Menu Development

  • Layout and Infrastructure

  • Staff On-boarding and Training

  • Culture Analysis and Planning

  • And much more

For more information on what TurnKey can do for you, click on the RED Contact Us link below.